Selling Your Home to A Home-Buying Company Can Offer Fast Cash and Easy Closing

Real estate

The Real Estate market is often lucrative; however, it can also be complex. Many homeowners have difficulty selling, or perhaps have additional properties that are a liability to them, when they appear empty. There are many cities in the US that have unfortunate abandoned buildings that will sit until someone comes along that tears it down or ‘flips it’. The popularity of flipping real estate properties has been on the incline for several years, with the syndication of reality shows in home improvement. Contrarily, many Americans do not want the hassle of the construction involved in remodeling and refurbishing and would prefer to sell the property and move on.

What Are These Ads I Keep Seeing All About?

Many companies offer sight unseen purchasing, or post-appraisal bids. This is a viable option for distressed properties, homes that have no certificate of occupancy, or need structural repairs. Additionally, issues like plumbing, electrical, roof leaks, vandalism, and other damages can persuade a homeowner to quickly and easily sell to such companies.

Purchasers for Any Condition of Property

Utilizing a company that advertises the purchase of homes doesn’t have to be a decrepit home situation. The fact is, many people wish to move out of state, have a family emergency, or even want out from under the current mortgage and appreciate the opportunity to sell to a fair buyer for cash money. This comes without the hassle of advertising, promoting, showing, regulations and banks. This type of sale provides a certain sense of security to the seller, alleviating the potential stressors that accompany a home sale.

Abandoned Homes Impact Neighborhoods

Many former mining towns in California are burdened with properties that are boarded up and abandoned. This creates problems for neighbors, decreases property values, and shines like a beacon to would-be thieves. The current housing in Detroit is another example of neglected homes and properties, that could benefit from quick sale purchasers.

How It Works

They are simple. You contact the company you are planning on working with, such as “We Buy Houses” and give them your address. They contact you to set up an appointment to assess the property and offer a fair price for the home. You can choose to accept or decline the offer, that is up to you and your circumstances. If you choose to accept the offer, the company starts the paperwork and within a short amount of time your money is handed over to you and escrow closes. That, my friends, is simple. Finding a potential buyer doesn’t have to be a year-long endeavor, full of different hoops to jump through.

Selling Your Home Can Be Fast and Easy

Finding a buyer has never been easier since these purchasers have arisen, and the ability to receive a complete cash offer, with the paperwork completed by the buyer, the lack of bank involvement, and the ability to ‘walk away’ makes the escrow closing fast and easy. Many people opt for this type of home sale to avoid the headache associated with buying and selling a home.