The Best Cordless Impact Drill


It is important to work smarter rather than harder. If you choose to go contrary to his, you may end up losing all hard earned dollars. Well, to avoid being a victim of such losses, all the material regarding a cordless drill have already been reviewed in this article. It followed an extensive research and testing on a number of drills and therefore you have no reason to squander your hard earned money.

In light of the above features, which cordless impact drill is the best? Milwaukee M18 Fuel carries the day. From users’ reviews, more than 200 clients, the device attained an average rating of 4.7. The remaining part of this article analyzes this product deeply. This is perhaps the most outstanding 18 volt Lithium-ion cordless drill, fantastic to take whatever job site. Most of the individuals recommend it. It is accompanied with a hammer drill along with an impact driver.

With this product, you will enjoy manifold speed setting, giving you an option to adjust speed torque for minor tasks. You will also be able to modify the setting to oust more power and force for daunting tasks. What is more, you will not be plagued with worries regarding the reactionary torque as opposed to using a cordless drill, lessening the chances of injury or instigating fatigue on your wrist due to a lot of twisting.

Besides, this impact driver was structured bearing user friendliness and eases in mind. It incorporates a built-in Led fuel gauge, a feature that enables the one user to take note of the quantity of energy remaining. The gauge remains user convenient and has been placed before the device from where the charge availability can be noted bird’s eye outlook from the machinist.

FAQ about the Milwaukee M18 Fuel:

1. I own a number of 18V tools, not a Milwaukee make. Will the batteries work for the Milwaukee variety?

You can only use the batteries meant for Milwaukee 18v. Therefore, the answer is No.

2. Can I please know the peak torque for this brand?

Absolutely! The peak torque is 1600 inch/ pounds

3. Can you please elucidate on the key difference between acquiring the tool by itself or in the kit combo?

Well, the kit will incorporate a hard case, duo batteries, its charger, and the tool. On the other hand, the tool by itself lacks a case. Just that.

4. I often deal with a number of overhead projects. I really need to be aware of whether or not this impact driver can result in fatigue if I use it. Can you kindly expound on this and tell me its mass?

The total mass of the tool alone, not considering the bulk of the combo kit, is probably 10.5 pounds. The issue of fatigue will depend on how you use it.

5. Please explicate on the battery cell type

Lithium-ion is the best option and will be durable enough compared to other regular batteries. Simply put, Lithium-ion is a perfect choice.

To summarize the discussion, you need to be very critical to avoid wastage of your hard earned money when it comes acquiring cordless impact drill. Consider reviewing articles from and There are a number of features to put into consideration when making a purchase decision, just as highlighted above. A review from more than two hundred users gave Milwaukee M18 Fuel a rating of 4.7, the best of all this year. The drill has a number of attractive features and quite easy to use. Give this product a try and enjoy the benefits it offers, including the ease of usage.