How To Move Smoothly With Kids


Moving from one home to another is never easy. With the number of tasks you’ll have to accomplish and the adjustment you’ll have to make in your daily schedule, it’s no surprise why most homeowners dislike the idea of moving – and you might be one of them. Moving in its very essence is already challenging but can you imagine how difficult it will be when you move with your kids? Even if you’re planning to hire moving companies from NYC, moving will become more stressful and tiring once kids are involved. You have to juggle your time and energy between the move and looking after your kids.

Movers from NYC or any local movers can easily be hired regardless of where you’re living right now. They can provide professional services which can make your move easier and faster. However, hiring them isn’t the be all and end all of your moving woes; as a parent or guardian, you have to ensure that your kids are actually safe throughout the entire move. Let the following tips help you achieve this goal:

  1. Sit down and talk to them.

One of the reasons why moving can be tough for kids is because they don’t understand what is going on. They’ll be clueless on why and where the family is moving which can result in stress. Steer away from this direction by sitting down with the entire family to discuss the move. Regardless if you’re moving because of work or personal reasons, let them know. Make them understand how this move will benefit them and the entire family. If they have any questions, make sure that you’re ready to address all of them. As a parent or guardian, you should give them the confidence that the upcoming move will make everyone’s lives better, not ruin it in any way.

  1. Ask for the kids’ reactions on the new home or neighborhood.

Communication will always be important when you’re moving with your kids. It’s your responsibility to ensure that everyone is on the same page throughout the entire process of moving. One way of fostering communication is by asking for your kids’ reactions about your new home or neighborhood. Once they’re able to view your new residence, give them the freedom to express their thoughts and emotions. If they’re angry or sad about the move, let them be. Comfort them if necessary but never prevent them from being open. Kids will typically react negatively to change, but once you’ve pacified the situation properly, everything will work out fine.

  1. Allow your kids to purge before packing.

Depending on the age of your kids, they might own many clothes and toys. Some of them might even hoard a couple of books or stuffed animals from they were still babies. Let your upcoming move become the perfect excuse to purge. Help your kids in sorting out all of their valuables and let them decide which ones should be disposed of. If possible, let them do the legwork of the task so they’ll feel engaged with the move – just make sure that you’re readily available whenever they ask for your help or assistance.

  1. Prepare a “see you soon” party.

Moving can also become challenging because of the people and memories you’ll leave behind. If you have been living in the same neighborhood for decades, for sure, you treat your neighbors as friends and family. Your kids will probably have this kind of mindset once they leave their playmates behind. It will be heartbreaking for them to move to another city without their friends. Save your kids and your entire family from this emotional trauma by preparing a “see you soon” party before moving. Invite all of your neighbors for dinner to your old house and instead of thinking how stressful your upcoming move is, share to them details about your new area. Let them know your new address so they can visit your anytime, too!

  1. Consider yourself as a tourist in the new place.

Kids will always love to travel and roam around especially if it’s in a new place. Once you’ve settled all of your moving boxes to your new home, schedule a tour around your new neighborhood or city. Consider yourselves as tourists and have time just to have fun. Visit tourist spots, determine where the malls are and familiarize yourselves with the streets in the area. Taking a trip around your new neighborhood will put your kids’ minds at ease, knowing that they’re in a good place.

Knowledge Is Power

Moving with your kids can be exciting, but it also poses several challenges for parents or guardians like you. You’ll have a lot of things on your plate – all of the same or equal importance. To ensure that you’re on the right track, use this article as your guide. Moving safely with your kids will come off easier once you know how!