Day Trips to Pisa From Florence


Pisa is within the Tuscany region and it contains around 20 churches museums, and wonderful historic monuments. Pisa is a small city on the western shores of Italy. The most important monument is the leaning Tower of Pisa.  Interestingly, you can reach Pisa in an hour from Florence. This way you can stopover in Florence and drive through the road to reach Pisa and explore it in a day.

Not spending much time in Pisa, still you can visit all historic monuments and see through the classic architecture –

  1. Transportation


Italy has an advance rail system which makes travelling from one city to another quite easy. From Florence, if you board a train from main station, you can reach Pisa in an hour. The train drops you at Pisa Centrale station from there you either walk down the road or take a public bus or taxi. However, if you walk down the road it might become tiring because the main attraction, Piazza de Miracoli is 1.5 kms away from the station.


You can also get regular buses from Florence bus stop, but they are inconvenient as it takes more time compared to trains. Moreover, they will have to cross toll which invites traffic. It takes 1.5 hours for the bus to reach at your destination.


Your personal vehicle gives you freedom to travel on your own rules. Highways are neat and fast with hardly any traffic. While driving you can pay close attention to scenic beauty and other attractions. Driving can be hassle free if you have a big family. All you have to care about is keeping the tank full. Although car trip is exciting, but it’s also expensive.

  1. Places to Visit

Leaning Tower

After entering Pisa city, the first thing that you would wish to visit would be the Leaning Tower. You’ll have to obtain tickets beforehand which can be acquired online to save time. There are many third-party websites that hep you book tour packages and get entry tickets for monuments in advance. One such reliable online site is TripIndicator that only provides you information of tourist destination but also helps in exploring best and cheap hotels with discounted packages. The ticket costs €18 and you cannot carry any item apart from camera.

Pisa Cathedral

There isn’t any ticket required to enter Cathedral, which is also popularly known as Duomo di Pisa. It has a Pisan Romanesque architect which will mesmerize anyone who sees it.

Pisa Baptistery

Pisa Baptistery was started in 12th Century and completed around 14th Century. The architect was given by Diotisalvi, Giovanni and Nicola Pisano. It is the biggest baptistery in Europe.

Camposanto Monumentale

This cemetery is a holy field that has restored funerary monuments, marble corridors, ancient Roman sarcophagi and frescoes. It is said that al bodies that are buried in this cemetery get rotten in 24 hours.

Museo Nazionale di San Matteo

All the artwork of Pisa’s important palaces and buildings are stored here. This boulevard is situated near the River Arno. To know the Pisan art and its culture you should definitely explore this place.

  1. Tips
  • The best season to explore Pisa is during spring which is April to May because at that time even greenery is at its peak and weather is pleasant, so is winter which isn’t very harsh and slight rain can be expected. Summer time, June to September is harsh because there is too much crowd on road, hence that time should be avoided.
  • Many people prefer self-guided tour because it gives them the liberty to roam around and explore within their timeframe. However, a guided tour helps in getting proper and accurate information about monuments, travel in a group which is safe and some guide tour packages also include food and drinks.
  • Since it takes only one hour thirty minutes from Florence to reach Pisa, you can cover Pisa in a day and return to Florence and explore the city in the evening.
  • Thus, it is wise to start the tour early morning so that you complete your excursion by afternoon in Pisa. A guided tour moves within time frame.

Pisa has rich history, architecture, culture and monuments. To know more facts and details about travelling to Pisa, go through the link –