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3 Unique Ways To Use Your Basement

If you have a fully-finished basement but aren’t sure what to do with all that extra space, there are a few unique ideas you should consider. Having a great basement can not only increase your enjoyment of your home but also raises your house’s resale value. Finished basements are becoming more popular, so now is the perfect time to try using that space for something fun. Take a look at the three most unique ways to make the most of your basement.

  1. Get a Pool Table

If you love playing pool or plan to have friends over for casual game nights, consider getting a pool table. Besides creating a fun vibe, they can also bring hours of entertainment and are an easy way to dress up your space. The best part is, you don’t have to splash tons of money on a brand-new table – in fact, you can get refurbished pool tables Durham NC and get set up for game night without breaking the bank.

  1. Add Some Exercise Equipment

If you wish you could make it to the gym more often, dedicating some basement space to exercise equipment could make it easier for you to squeeze in your workouts. It doesn’t have to take up a lot of space – a treadmill, bike or even just some free weights can easily be placed in empty corners.

  1. Build a Home Theater

Finally, if you’ve got some extra time and funds for renovating, try turning that extra spare room that never gets used into a personal, at-home movie theater. With a screen on one wall, a surround sound system and some comfortable chairs, you can get the full movie experience without ever leaving the comfort of your home! For an added authentic touch, try setting up a popcorn and candy stand.

Basements are an often-overlooked space that can be turned into your family’s personal haven with just a few changes. Try one of these ideas today, and your basement can easily become the most enjoyable part of your home.

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Suicide Prevention Strategies for Friends and Family

It’s a sad and often surprising day when someone you care about expresses a desire to end their life. Even worse is when a person commits suicide seemingly without warning. Given the chance, what would you do to stop a suicide?

Understanding Suicide

According to the CDC, over 48,000 Americans took their own lives in 2018, giving the United States one of the developed world’s highest suicide rates. While suicide is sadly widespread, it’s also highly specific to individuals. Suicide is frequently undertaken to obtain closure for trauma, caused by a generally poor social environment or some particular circumstance such as a major loss (of a job or loved one) or chronic condition (drug addiction, physical disorder or mental health troubles.) The underlying issue is a lack of hope for any future improvement. Suicide awareness Chicago IL programs in your area can supply more information on the intricate links between mental illness and suicidal inclinations.

Talk It Out

Sometimes, all someone needs is a caring audience for their concerns. The taboo against suicide has historically made it hard to discuss, even among one’s closest confidants. The suicidal individual who reveals his intentions to another person displays a great deal of trust in that person. It could be that the act of speaking out and receiving human sympathy instead of scorn is enough to bring someone back from the brink.

When Helpers Need Help

Other people’s complex problems cannot be solved in one way or by one person. Call a crisis hotline such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to talk with trained personnel and be directed to area support services. Meanwhile, try to remove any weapons, pills and other possible tools of suicide from the environment. In an emergency, people with suicidal thoughts may be hospitalized by their relatives. A psychiatric evaluation will determine whether the patient requires prolonged courses of therapy or medications such as lithium.

Preventing a potential suicide takes patience and compassion above all. Be there to provide the moral support and physical resources to make someone see there are other options besides suicide.

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3 Great Tips for Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home This Summer

Looking to add curb appeal to your home? There’s no time like summer when it comes to making improvements to your home’s exterior, as well as your landscaping. Here are three quick ways to add curb appeal to your home.

  1. Upgrade Your Front Door

Your front door is where you welcome guests – you’ll want to replace it this summer if it’s looking tired or worn. Your best bet is to replace it with a custom door to give the exterior an updated appearance. A professional installer of customized doors Summerville SC can help you select a door with a material that will work well with the other exterior elements of your home. Be sure to add custom details like upgraded hardware and locks to complete the transformation.

  1. Take Care of Your Grass

You might be surprised at how far a green lawn goes in making your home look more attractive. This summer, take your lawn care to the next level by fertilizing it regularly and trimming the edges. Apply an eco-friendly fertilizer during the summer. Remember to give the lawn a good soak after fertilizing. You should also trim the edges of the lawn regularly. Use a half-moon edger to cut straight edges along portions of grass that meet any paved areas.

  1. Add Exterior Lighting

Install exterior lighting this summer to dramatically enhance the appearance of your home and your landscaping. Use spotlights to bathe exterior walls in light, as well as to highlight interesting features of the landscape. Another great lighting strategy is to install solar-powered lanterns along paths and walkways to allow you to safely enjoy your grounds after the sun goes down.

Take advantage of the great summer weather and make these curb appeal-boosting home improvements. Follow these tips and you’ll see just how great your home will look this summer!


Small Details That Make a Big Impact in Any Room

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like everything seemed perfect? You might notice a big beautiful couch and an expensive persian rug. The color is welcoming and it looks like every detail was planned out. Once you have sat there for a while you then start to notice all of the little details you hadn’t before. It is those small details that really play the supporting role, but without them, the room just wouldn’t feel complete. Here are some small details that make a big impact in any room.


Molding services a functional purpose. For example floor molding Chicago Heights IL covers the transition from the floor to the wall. That way you won’t see any gaps. It helps a room feel finished. In addition to function, molding also adds a decorative touch. There are all kinds of styles that can match the design of your room.


You may think that light is just there to help you see in the dark, but it is much more than that. The light in a room can set the tone for any space. Bright lights give you energy and help you feel awake. While a dim light may help you get ready to wind down for the night or want to just relax and watch a movie. Keep in mind the function of the room when picking your lighting. If the room has multiple functions then why not get a dimmer switch to enjoy all the functions of light. 


A soft pillow is what dreams are made of, right? Pillows can change the whole design of a room. Take the opportunity to play with colors, textures and patterns. Pillows can be used to add comfort to any hard surface. Add a big pop with something so small. Never underestimate the power of a cute pillow.


Easy Home Improvements

Your house should be your castle, which means you should feel as though you live in a palace. If you are looking to give your house just a little bit of a change to make it more familiar and you, there are several things you could consider changing. Here are just a few simple ideas that can give your house a new look.

Paint the Walls

The color of your house can explain more about your home than you ever could. It doesn’t take a lot of work to pick out some new paint colors and turn your home into a brand-new place. The colors you put on your walls can dictate the emotions and feelings that go through the home. Brighter, soothing colors tend to have a more positive effect on all people.

Change the Lights

The power of lights can persuade a house to look great or be put on the bad list. Lighting shows off what’s in the home and lets people see in the night. Houses with little to no lighting can cause their owners to struggle and get frustrated easily because they can’t see anything. Natural lighting is the best thing to include throughout the place wherever possible, and it’s free to furnish throughout the day.

Update the Openings

Windows and doors both often get overlooked when someone is trying to make their house look a little different. Most of the doors in your house are used every day, making them a leading sight in your home. You can fix them by painting or replacing them altogether. While doors tend to be on the cheaper side of fixing, windows can get quite expensive depending on the sizing, style, and quantity. Some like to pick a few prominent spots or something unique like oval windows, and then choose to do a simpler style everywhere else in the home.

Since you live in your home, you should be the one who is happiest in it. If this means you need to fix a few things, don’t be afraid to get started.

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Ways That You Can Stay Cool in Your Backyard

When it’s hot outside, you still want to be able to enjoy your yard. There must be a solution. Even people racing through the water need a boat air conditioner Miami Beach. Unless your yard is large enough for a body of water to boat on, you’ll need to try some other tricks. Here are a few that should be easy to implement, no matter the size of your yard.

Patio Misters

From the sophisticated installed models to small devices that connect to your sprinklers, there is a patio mister to fit all budgets. A mister can drop the patio temperature as much as 20 degrees. Combine with a fan, and you’ve got a nice, cool breeze. This fix works particularly well in hot, dry climates. 


Plant them in your yard for widespread shade or put them in pots around your patio for spots of shade. You may not know that, even without providing shade, trees provide other cooling effects. Transpirational cooling occurs when water is released into the air from the leaves. The resulting water vapor cools down the temperature of the surrounding air.

Water Features

Pools are an obvious answer to cooling off in the hot weather. Even if you don’t have the budget or the room for an inground pool, a small above ground pool can do in a pinch. Fountains are also lovely ways to cool the hot air. When all else fails, turn on the sprinklers for a bit and run through them like you did when you were 10.

Sun Shades

No, not your sunglasses, although those are recommended. This kind of shade comes in the form of umbrella stands or retractable awnings. Both are convenient, allowing you to decide when and how much sunlight you want and when you want it. 

When it gets hot outside, get inventive. There are plenty of options available to fit any budget.