Why Costa Blanca Is The Perfect Place To Purchase Your Dream Holiday Home

Costa Blanca, or the white coast, has over 120 miles of stunning Mediterranean coastline that stretches across southeastern Spain. This beautiful region is one of the most popular travel destinations for tourists, holiday home hunters, or expats looking to enjoy their golden years in the golden sunshine. Benidorm and Alicante are the most well-known regions, receiving thousands of visitors every month from all over Europe and beyond. But travel a bit further and you’ll find plenty of hidden gems all along the coast,  including Orihuela Costa, Pilar de la Horadada, and Santa Pola, a small port town that offers a truly authentic Spanish experience.

The more active holiday goers can take a day trip to the Alfar waterfall in Alicante or jump on a boat trip to Tabarca Island, a remote spot of stunning natural beauty that was once a haven for pirates and sea-faring bandits. Another top destination for adventure seekers is the Penyal d’Ifac, a giant rock face that gives you a panoramic view of the Costa Blanca; you’ll also see some pretty amazing wildlife on your trek to the top.

There are also loads of fun-packed activities designed for all the family to enjoy. Aqualandia Waterpark has over 15 water attractions, including the tallest waterslide in Europe. You can maintain the aqua theme by swimming with dolphins at Mundomar animal park, where you’ll also meet sea lions and a host of other birds, mammals, and even one or two reptiles! But if you still can’t find anything to keep the whole family happy, take a day trip to the Valor Chocolate Museum in Villajoyosa. You’ll get a full tour of the factory, learn all about the history of chocolate making, and there’ll be plenty of free samples along the way!

One visit to the Costa Blanca is enough to make you come back again and again. You may even start thinking about a permanent move! And when you do, you can now find the perfect property at a great price!

Costa Blanca Magic has a fantastic portfolio of properties currently for sale in the North and South of this coastal region. For bargain hunters or budgeters, there are plenty of places for sale at less than a €100,000 euros. You can browse through small studio apartments overlooking the sea, beach-side villas, or quaint townhouses. You can even snap up empty plots if you fancy building a dream home in the sun.

Alternatively, you could buy a bar or a commercial premise and set up a new, exciting business venture.  And if you can really afford to treat yourself, how about a luxurious new build property with its very own pool or a garden that backs onto a golf course?

So whatever your reason for purchasing property in Costa Blanca, or for whatever you want to do once you get there, you can find the ideal property in no time with Costa Blanca Magic.


Sheepskin Rugs Have Retained their Popularity Despite Synthetics and Other Trends

Although soft and supple leather may be the classic favorite for automotive interiors, sheepskin rugs continue to maintain their popularity in homes. This is because there is nothing quite like the warmth and closeness that you feel when you are touching sheepskins. Whether you are using the rugs to warm the atmosphere and cushion your feet on bare floors or using a sheepskin rug as a cover for a bamboo chair or other piece of furniture, sheepskin is comfortable.

Why is Sheepskin So Popular?

Sheepskin rugs provide an organic Bohemian vibe that captures the magic in any home. The fibers of the wool are naturally absorbent and can easily take on a variety of dyes that are retained in the wool fibers. This makes them perfect for decorators who have a flair for fashion and an eye for color.

When you hold sheepskin against your skin, it is relaxing. This makes sheepskin the perfect material to throw over a chair, a couch, or to walk on with bare feet.

The biggest reason why sheepskin is so popular, however, is just sheer fun. These rugs are fun to own. And kids even love playing on them for hours because they are so cozy.

Why is Sheepskin Better than Cotton?

Although cotton rugs are very popular because they come in a variety of colors, patterns, sizes, and are easy to clean, sheepskin is better. Cotton rugs simply don’t have the plush depth of natural pile that makes you want to sink your feet into them and wiggle your toes.

A sheepskin rug also looks exotic and makes your home inviting because it does not put visitors on edge with the formality of razor-sharp lines. Adding some natural contours to your home that are undefined is easy on the eyes and blends in better with other decorative pieces and furniture.

Because cotton is made of so many fine bare threads knotted together, the richness and depth of color can easily be lost with machine washing. It can also bunch up, shrink, or stain, and never look quite the same afterwards.

Why is Sheepskin Better than Any Carpeting?

A sheepskin rug beats any manmade carpeting because of the natural pile. Most rugs that have a plush thick pile are installed wall-to-wall and become noticeably thin, not long after they are installed. This is even if the rug has a padded layer of foam installed below it.

When you use sheepskin, you have the waterproof barrier of the skin itself and the natural fluff and pile of the wool that always seems to puff back up, no matter how soiled or compressed it may become. Furthermore, sheepskin is a whole lot more affordable and can be purchased in pieces for only where you need it the most.

In addition, when you consider how many chemicals are used at the manufacturing plants to produce carpeting, manmade carpets are unhealthy. Even if they contain natural materials, they are still treated with chemicals and glued to manmade fibers and constructions. They are processed to such a high degree to get that flat and uniform look.

For all the work that is put into making them flat, very little else is gained. The carpet industry uses chemicals like formaldehyde and other toxins that will emanate from the carpet for years and especially when it gets hot. A paint was even developed to absorb and neutralize some of the toxins that come out of these materials. Visit this website for more information.


Top tips to manage over 50 properties at once

Owning multiple rental properties is among the easiest ways to generate income and also create long-term wealth. Nevertheless, managing multiple properties on your own can be pretty challenging, and the problems you encounter along the way can be extremely discouraging. That’s because multiple rental properties mean multiple rent checks, multiple tenants and multiple problems. If you are investing in many rental properties at once, you require a strategy to manage all these properties. The following five tips will help you manage multiple property inventories effectively.

Stay organised

When managing many properties at once, you should prioritise the organisation of property inventories. Misplacing important documents can easily lead to considerable financial losses and even set you up for disaster in the long run. You should have a unique filing system to keep all your documents organised. Some landlords choose to organise their documents by tenants, while others prefer filing their papers by property. Look for a file organisation system that works for you and then stick to it, view more.

Screen your tenants

You should thoroughly screen your tenants and sign lease contracts only with people you trust and have confidence in. If you have cooperative, trustworthy and honest tenants who pay on time and respect your property, your job will be an easy one. While you might not be able to select good tenants with 100% accuracy, you will end up with more good tenants than the bad ones when you utilise sound screening principles.

Minimise tenant turnover

High tenant turnover will not only increase the amount of work you should do, but it will also hurt your cash flow and even force you to use a lot of cash to clean and market your properties. You should foster better relationships with all your tenants to minimise turnover and remove this burden from your shoulders.

Schedule regular visits

As a landlord, you should never intrude on your tenants’ privacy, but scheduling regular visits to see the property is a good thing to do. It will enable you to build good relationships with all your tenants and see if there are any problems or red flags. In general, one visit per quarter is usually a good rule of thumb.

Get professional assistance

There is some value in managing your rental estates on your own. It will not only save you money, but it will also give you control in every aspect of the entire process. However, it comes a time where it isn’t practical any more. Hiring an experienced property manager to assist you with the day-to-day property inventories and responsibilities is one of the important decisions you will ever make. That’s because it will allow you to experience passive returns at its best.


Managing multiple rentals can be very challenging because you will have to be well organised, prepared, and knowledgeable to make sure that everything goes pretty well. You can hire a professional property management firm, but self-management can be incredibly rewarding both in terms of experience and cash flow. Whatever the case, use the following tips to get the most out of your real estate investment.