What are the most demanding professions today and in which countries?

From being Santa Claus up to the profession of psychologist, there are some professions that have huge demand in various countries of the world at the moment. Based on the data collected by a job seeker, we present you the top professions with the most demanding momentum.


Although there are many who want to pursue this profession, years of study, years as a trainee, and all spending, countries such as Denmark, Canada, Mexico and Australia now have a shortage of lawyers. In the US, on the other hand, lawyers are more than one million and their salaries are enviable.


And in this case the same applies in general to lawyers and even more strongly. The difficulty of courses and endless years of study and practice discourage many from following the profession of surgeon. Stressful and demanding working conditions are still a deterrent. Because of this, in many countries like Russia, Switzerland, Australia, the USA and New Zealand, surgeons are scarce and demand is great, with earnings, of course. Relocation to Switzerland with the help of the experts of cosmos values can be really easy for a surgeon.

oologists / foresters

In order to need foresters you must have forests too! Switzerland, Australia, Canada and New Zealand are looking for professions related to forestry and responsible forest production, which according to experts are the key to fighting climate change.


From the internet connection to the sockets, electricians are responsible for almost everything we come into contact with on a daily basis. It is not, therefore, mysterious that the demand for the profession is growing rapidly. Countries such as Norway, Russia, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have a shortage of electricians.


And yet, there is a lack. Who would ever expect the demand for this profession to grow so much? Russia, Canada, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand are looking for doctors to take on their four-legged and non-friends.

Paramedical professions

About what surgeons do with paramedics. It is a very demanding profession, it requires a lot of training, it has exhausting hours and it needs a stomach. Paramedical professions are very popular everywhere in Europe and Russia. In Canada and Australia, they are looking for rescuers as well.


Passing all your day looking in the other’s mouth is probably not the best way to spend time, but it’s usually worth it because of pay. In some countries and in some cases dentists earn over 170,000 per year. This does not mean that there are many who want and can follow the profession and that is why most European countries such as Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Sweden are looking for dentists to fill the vacancies.


From what you would understand by reading our list, manual occupations are more demanding than those in the office. In Europe, Canada and Australia the demand for plumbers is high as the number of people employed in this sector has been declining over the years.


Studying architecture requires both money and years, while exercise also takes a long time. The lack of architects is particularly intense in countries such as the US, but also Russia and Spain.


Do you like space? If so, you can only go to countries like England, Ireland, Sweden and Slovenia, where there is a lot of demand for people with similar studies. But if you prefer to go somewhere further, you can only look for opportunities in Canada and Australia.


The need for teachers is almost universal. While in countries such as Finland, Poland and Sweden the needs are related to primary education, in the rest of Europe, Canada and Australia needs are more focused on secondary education.


How to invest in project abroad?

Investing your time and energies in the volunteer projects abroad is something that has more benefits than you can think of. You get to know yourself better when you are using your vacation to spend time helping other, you get to gain more knowledge and the chances for you to set a path for your career get more pronounced. Volunteering for the projects abroad can give you more than what you can ever think of and it is bound to bring betterment for you and others at the same time.

So if you have made up your mind in deciding what to do regarding the volunteering, then you need all the help that you can get in this matter. You will have to travel abroad or work with different people so finding something that gives you back can be challenging. Want to know how to get to the right project for it?

Here are the tips that will help you know what you are doing and how it will bring better results for you.

  • Fund it

Last but not the least you will have to make use of the funds and check how you are going to transfer your funds. For this you can make use of transferwise service which is an amazing service for transfer with wetransfer and transferwise UK. You can send your money with transferwise and get your funds in hands in no time. it is a reliable name for transferring funds.

  • Do your research

The first thing to do is to research thoroughly what you want to do and how you want it to be done. Do you want to work with some organization or are you looking forward to travel abroad for the vacation? Would you be working alone or would you take some family member or friend along? Which path you want to choose and what are your options, you have to check each and everything before you start with it.

  • Set a goal

Now that you have done your research and you have decided on which organization you are going to work with, the next thing that you would be doing is to set a clear goal or what you want to accomplish in the end. There are organizations that offer the projects to the volunteers but most of the time, the volunteers pick their own projects and deliverables as well.

  • Be realistic about timing and resources

When you are picking the project for you, be sure that you have realistically checked all the resources and timings you have. You must be sure that you have idea about the available resources that you can afford. For example, if you can travel, you should have the resources for it to compile the project and get the project done. Also the timing of the project should be realistically taken into account to ensure that you will deliver it by the end of deadline.

Real estate

How to Find Apartments for Your Short London Break

Finding a good apartment for your short visit to London may be quite challenging. This is mainly because there are plenty of listings on the internet. Your needs may also make you rule out some options.

There are many options when looking for short stay apartments in London. You should, however, have some few considerations before letting an apartment in London.

Factors to consider when choosing your short stay apartment
•Consider how long you’ll stay at the apartment
•The number of people who’ll be staying there
•The costs and expenses needed
•Location and security
•If you have a pet, you might want to consider whether the apartment is pet-friendly

Once you’ve refined your needs, follow the tips below to help you short let London apartments.

1. Enquire through:

•Online booking companies
Go through some of the popular online booking companies. Through these websites, you can find the most suitable apartment. You can also compare prices and other amenities via the website. For faster results, specify the type of apartment you want. View at least ten different listings from different websites then develop a checklist.

•Private rentals
You can easily find private rentals in and around the city. Go through the property sections of any local newspaper. You may be surprised to find splendid apartments. Find a website offering private rentals and go through the listings. 

When searching for private rentals, specify the type of apartment you desire. Contact the property owner for any questions then make a booking request.

•Letting agencies
You may decide to go for a private rental or perhaps use a letting agency. The agency will handle the tenancy agreement and deposit. Make sure that the agent is regulated by the Association of Residential Letting Agents. 

2. Make a checklist
Go through all the pictures in the listings & make sure it has all the amenities you want. It would be terrible for you to part with your hard-earned money only to be disappointed. 

Listing helps to determine the pros and cons of short-term renting. Your checklist should include: 

•The overall state of the apartment. Do the walls, windows, doors, furniture, and floors look well maintained? If so, then the apartment may be a good option for your short stay
•The state and size of the shower. Ask about heating and water in the apartment. You also need to fit comfortably in the shower, so check the size
•Furniture and appliances that are available at the apartment. This includes the bed, the living/ dining area plus the kitchen and its equipment 
•Parking space. If you have a car, having a free place to park is a weight off your shoulder
•Other helpful amenities like washing machine, Wi-Fi, elevator and outdoor space. 

3. Booking
Save time and contact reputable companies like Draker ,to short let London rentals . Contact the host for any inquiries and enjoy your life as a resident of London.


Real estate

How Lahore Motorway City housing project can raise your living Standard

From the beginning of mankind, Man starting living in caves for safety and shelter. It is natural that human being continuously learns to grow and improve their living standard with the passage of time. Now today in the 21st-century house are more than just a safe place. It represents your living standard and the quality of life you are living. It helps you gain attraction in society and increase your reputation.

Everybody today dreams about a home where they can feel comfortable and enhance their way of living. It will increase your self-confidence. People will give you more value. You can increase your business as well as personal relations.Buy plots on Installments in Lahore Motorway City.

Here is how  Lahore Motorway City can improve your living standard.


One of the most considerable thing that plays a vital role in the value of the housing project is the location of the housing project. Motorway city is at one of the most ideal locations in Lahore. It is near to Kot-Abdul Malik interchange right on the motorway. It is just 12 KM away from GC University and also 12KM away from Mall road Lahore. This project has a wide area up to 5000  Kanal which also includes the commercial area as well. This is the most ideal location for transportation, business, and residency. This beautiful venue makes it one of the best housing project of Lahore.


This housing project has all the luxurious facilities. It has

  • The best education,
  • Health,
  • Parks,
  • Community center,
  • Commercial market, and
  • Pure drinking water facility.

The society also focused on green environment to provide a healthy environment to all its residents. There are 10 marla plots for sale as well as 5 marla plots for sale available on easy Installments with all the facilities. Its green and healthy environment makes it the most beautiful housing project. You can buy Plots on Installments from Lahore Motorway City.

Easy Installment Method

This project in Lahore is one of its kind that is easily affordable for everyone. There are plots available in this housing society which anyone can buy from Lahore Motorway City on easy Installments. It is just like a dream come true. Now you can also have your own home in one of the top housing projects of Pakistan. This is simply the golden opportunity to make your own home in Lahore. This will also not a burden on you and you can easily manage it.


Zameenforyou is in collaboration with Lahore Motorway City promoting it as it is a great opportunity. We assure you that you will get what we committed with you. You can get all the details from the online property portal of Zameenforyou which is the best online property portal in Pakistan. You can Buy Plots on Installment for resident as well as for commercial purpose as it has equal growth opportunities for residence and can also get all the latest update and information from website and facebook page.