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Could The Carpet In Your Home Benefit From A Professional Cleaning?

In order to get the most life out of your long lasting carpet, you need to consider having it professionally cleaned. That’s because all carpets can benefit from getting serviced on a regular basis.

But choosing the right company will require doing some research and how often you have them come in to clean the carpet will depend on a number of factors. If you have pets or your home sees an overabundance of foot traffic, these can both help you determine whether you need to get it done every 6 months, every year, or every two years.

Having your floor coverings given a professional touch can be highly beneficial for removing the dirt, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants that you are living with at the moment. These things can mar the appearance of your carpet and have potentially harmful impacts on the health and well-being of you and your family.

So could your carpet benefit from a professional cleaning? The answer is yes and here’s why:

Warranty Concerns

For starters, you may not have a choice as to whether or not you should be getting your carpets cleaned by a professional cleaning service. This decision may have already been made for you by your carpet warranty. That’s because many carpet companies will offer their customers warranties that protect these investments much in the same way a warranty offers your motor vehicle the same type of service support.

Should something go wrong or break down, the manufacturer will make good on the product without you paying anything out of pocket (or very little in some cases). But there is one critical caveat in that these warranties will recommend or even mandate that you have the carpet cleaned at least once a year and if you fail to do so, the warranty is voided.

That means you are no longer protected against any malfunctions or repairs that might emerge over time and that leaves you paying those expenses in full yourself.

So the best solution is to honor the recommendations as outlined in your the language of your warranty. If you are expected to have the carpets cleaned on a regular interval, then it’s best that you comply so you can keep your warranty valid and your carpet protected.

Foot Traffic

Homes with high levels of foot traffic can absolutely benefit from a professional cleaning. Think about how many people (and maybe animals) walk across your carpet each day and every week. Depending on the number you come up with, you may want to have a professional company like Dr. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning come in every six to nine months.

That’s because high levels of foot traffic can drive dirt, grime, bacteria, and dust particles deep into the fibers of your carpet all the way down to the backing material. When that occurs, normal vacuuming and even one of those steam cleaners you might rent from the local supermarket will probably be insufficient for reaching those detrimental elements.

But a professional carpet cleaner is equipped with high-powered equipment that can reach and remove all of those harmful contaminants and leave your carpet looking and feeling lush and vibrant once more. You may even notice your carpet looking faded and dingy or plagued with dark, worn spots. This is all due to consistent foot traffic and it’s not just feet doing the damage. “Foot traffic” refers to the presence of people and pets on the carpet at any given time, so that also includes the possible spills, messes, and accidents that can mar the fibers.

Homes that have just one or two people walking across the carpet over any given period of time will likely need a deep cleaning about once a year. That should be more than sufficient for ensuring that your carpets are always at their best.

Homes that have more than two people will probably need a cleaning service to come in more often. This is particularly true for families with young children or more than one dog or cat. For these households, your carpet could benefit from a good deep cleaning every six to nine months.

But one thing you don’t want to do is have the carpet cleaned too much. That’s because deep cleaning usually relies upon wet extraction techniques that are only designed for periodical use. Too much moisture could result in that moisture getting trapped beneath the carpet and the padding below, leading to the development of mold and mildew.

This is not something you should live with inside your home as it could prove toxic to you and your family. So be diligent and dedicated to having your carpets cleaned but also be careful!


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Are Double Hung Windows Worth The Expense?

The most important thing to know about window replacement is the difference between the various options that are available on the market. Whether you want to go with the same type of windows that are currently installed in your home or a brand new design to give the property a fresh and revitalized appearance, it pays to be aware of what choices are out there.

Which brings us to double hung windows. They bring a traditional aesthetic and straightforward functionality to the home and they are among the most popular choices for homes of all types. In addition to their appearance, double hung windows make a compelling argument for installation for their many attractive features.

If you already have double hung windows, then none of this is news to you. So you may just want to install brand new versions of the same style as they can be much more energy efficient than the windows you have now. If double hung windows are not something with which you have much familiarity, then read on and discover all of the benefits they have to offer.

Reasons to Buy Double Hung Windows

If you are considering a replacement doors Norfolk or a replacement for your current windows, you can find some very specific advantages for choosing double hung windows to revitalize the look of your property.

The first and perhaps most attractive reason to go with double hung windows is that they are some of the most reliable types you can have installed. This, of course, relies heavily on what kind of materials have been used in the manufacturing of the frame and how it reacts to the overall environmental climate for the region in which you reside.

Vinyl is the most common selection among most homeowners as it can survive high temperatures and extremely moist conditions. For some homeowners, the best choice is fiberglass because it’s easy to maintain and it can stand up to the type of wetness that comes from the consistent precipitation of inclement weather. For others, wood is the preferred option but it can look weathered much faster than the other alternatives listed above.

With so many options when it comes to materials, double hung windows provide homeowners with flexibility and versatility. But another great thing about this type of window is that it is also available in a wide spectrum of colors and hues.

This makes choosing double hung windows much easier because there are so many more possibilities for selecting a window type that can match or complement your the exterior décor of your home.

As for your expenses, double hung are worth it because they are so affordable. In fact, you can purchase these types of windows to meet just about every size budget. You’ll find double hung windows for as low as $200 to $300 each, these are the low-end vinyl models that don’t come with any protective coatings applied.

There are more expensive alternatives out there, boasting many special features and accessories like double and triple pane construction, low e-coating, and other bells and whistles that can add more value to your replacement windows.

Finally, going with double hung windows in your home is a smart choice for keeping your installation and labor costs low while you get to have a window that is easy to operate and maintain. They’re worth the expense mainly because you’ll end up spending less for them while still getting a durable, safe, and well-built window.

Things to Consider

With so many benefits of double hung windows, there are a few drawbacks you might want to keep in mind as you conduct your research into the best windows for your home.

For starters, double hung windows can negatively impact your home’s energy efficiency over time. When they’re initially installed, these windows are air-tight and in excellent working condition. But this type of window can be prone to developing small leaks and gaps because these windows are not designed for the sashes to sit entirely flush along all sides.

As the windows age, they might shift and create tiny little gaps and cracks along the edges and you may need to add some weatherstripping to close these leaks. If you don’t you could end up spending more in heating and cooling costs which can drive up your bills and make your home less energy efficient.

In addition, double hung windows could require regular maintenance and upkeep just to keep them from breaking down and working improperly. This means cleaning and lubricating the tracks on which the sashes operate. Just be sure to check the tracks every couple of months or you could be causing excessive wear and tear.

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The Best Advice For Getting Dog And Cat Urine Out Of Carpet

There are few things worse than having your beloved dog or cat foul up your brand new carpet. One mistake or accident might be excusable, but repeated offenses call for better training of your pet. That’s on you, it’s not their fault and worse yet, you now have an incredibly expensive wee-wee pad lying in your living room or den.

That long lasting carpet of yours probably isn’t completely ruined at this point but if you don’t take action soon, it will need to come out because you just won’t be able to eliminate the smell.

Pet urine has an unpleasant, pungent aroma one that will keep attracting your pet back to the same spot as animals will use their urine to mark territorial boundaries and act as a signal for future bathroom breaks. You need to prevent that from happening and it starts by taking the necessary measures to get the urine out of the carpet.

Meridian Chem-Dry’s cleaning service can help, offering a full array of cleaning services to help make any carpet look, feel, and smell like you just installed it. But sometimes you can’t always call the experts because pet messes require immediate attention. The faster you act, the more likely you can prevent pet messes from creating permanent damage to your carpet fibers.

So the next time you furry friend doesn’t make to the back yard or the litter box, here is some helpful advice for lifting that urine right out of the carpet:

Always Blot, Never Wipe

Whether it’s fruit juice, red wine, or pet urine, the cardinal rule is never wipe or scrub a spill. You must always blot at it, because doing otherwise could run the risk of driving that liquid or substance deeper into the carpet fibers to permeate the backing material and the padding beneath.

But this is even more critical for pet urine because you must absolutely keep this type of liquid from getting under your carpet or you will be living with the smell constantly. The only way to remove it then is to tear up the carpet, throw out the padding, and start over again. Needless to say this can be an expensive endeavor.

So the next time your cat or dog pees on the carpet, act fast and blot only. This will allow you to absorb excess moisture and clear it from the carpet immediately, keeping most of it on the surface of the fibers as best you can. After you get that, you can then go about the next phase of your clean-up.

Cleaning Up the Mess

So now what? You’ve blotted the accident with a handful of paper towels, working feverishly and delicately to keep the urine from soaking through to the floor, and you need to clean up what’s left in the fibers.

There are a few options to consider as you attempt to eliminate the stain from setting in, some of these are a little more powerful than others, but then you may be dealing with a pet mess that happened a few hours or days ago.

Sometimes the most basic of alternatives is the best one to use and so once you’ve finished blotting, put some dish soap and a small amount of warm water on the affected area. Next, place a towel on the wet spot and apply pressure so that your towel soaks it all up.

This part is critical but be careful about how much water you use because too much moisture could soak under the carpet and into the pad, causing it to get trapped underneath. That could result in the development of mold and mildew, which is harmful to your health and you may end up tearing up the carpet and the padding after all.

But what about those messes that occurred hours or even a couple of days after the fact? There is a good solution available for that possibility as well. Just grab some baking soda and sprinkle it over the affected area on the carpet.

Leave it there for about 12-24 hours, then afterward, spray some distilled white vinegar over the baking soda. It’s okay if you hear fizzling, that’s just the two ingredients interacting with each other to eradicate the mess in your fibers.

When you’re done use some towels to pick up the mess with a clean rag or cloth. Once that’s all finished, your carpet should look and smell as if nothing ever happened. That’s important because even a hint of urine in the air will attract your pet to the same spot making them think that is where they should do their business again and again.

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Benefits Of Bridging Loans That Property Buyers Should Know

Choosing a new home for your specific needs is not a straightforward process. It sounds simple because you have to find an amazing piece of property, sell the old one and purchase a new one. However, in the real world, things function differently, and in some cases, it will not work the way you want.

Even if you have found your dream home, but you cannot find a buyer for your old one. Of course, everything depends on your location, and sometimes it can take months to find a buyer. Apart from that, you try to sell your existing and buy new home simultaneously, which can be complicated to do.

However, you can find a solution right in front of you, and that is a bridge loan, that will allow you to purchase a new home before you find a buyer for your existing property. There are numerous reasons why you should choose this particular type of loan, but here we want to talk about how it does work and whether it works:

What Is A Bridging Loan?

You should think of it as a way to bridge the finance gap that you will pay afterward. For instance, if you need half a million dollars to purchase a house, and you do not have it because you have to sell existing property. That is where the lender will help you get the appropriate amount of money so that you can fill the gap.

This particular loan comes with lending criteria, but you can borrow against your current and new property. You can determine loan size by adding the value of the new property to an existing mortgage. Have in mind that you will need an evaluation of both properties before you get the loan.

After that, you will have an end debt, which is the entire loan. You should understand that you have to repay everything until the end debt due. Lenders will use the value of both existing and new properties as security, which means that you will have an additional home loan that will cover existing debt and new purchase until you sell the old property.

If you want to learn more on bridge loan, we recommend you to click here.

What Will Happen After You Sell The Property

You will continue to pay home loan repayments, of course, with certain loan interest. However, you do not have to wait to purchase, and if you do not do something immediately, you will lose entire selling profit.

By choosing a bridging loan, you will be able to avoid waiting time for your home loan. Therefore, you can get in the new property immediately, and then worry if someone will buy your existing home. However, you should have in mind two essential factors when it comes to bridging loans:

  • You have to set a realistic timeframe for the sale of your property. Most people neglect and underestimate this particular factor, and that is when they enter the problem.
  • You should set a realistic selling price based on professional valuation. You can overestimate the value due to emotional connection, which will reduce the possibility for selling and repaying the loan.

History of Bridging Loans

You should understand that this is not a new concept in the home loan market. However, the popularity increased after banking deregulation, which has another name a free market. Therefore, all banks can operate in the financial market and set their interest rates.

The banks thought that this particular type of finance is higher risk, which leads to high interest rates. Even though lenders will charge high interest rates for short-term loans, you can find lenders that will provide you bridge loans with variable interest which is a great solution and more affordable in the long run.

Visit this website: and you will understand the entire history of bridging loans.

However, you should have in mind that bridge loan will help you to capitalize interest on your debt, while interest will be calculated on a monthly basis. The longer you will need to sell a property, the more you will have to pay at the very end.

The same thing works for home loan fees, and you do not have to worry about expensive fees for bridging loans, because they come with the same price tag as standard loans.