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6 Simple and Easy Ways to Practice Sustainable Living

We are living in challenging times when the human impact on the environment is glaringly surfacing and is continuing to alter the face of the planet. It is not yet late to turn the tables by embracing sustainable living. So have you decided to practice sustainable living but don’t quite know where to start, then here are simple and easy ways to do it.

  1. Minimalism approach

Consumerism has made us live life with lot more things than is necessary and so going back to basics is really important to live minimalistic life. This doesn’t mean that you have to live without comfort. It is just that you have to make sure that you are using everything you have to its maximum use. This approach helps you to live on the motto of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” Minimalism approach helps you to make wise choices while buying things. Just ask yourself few questions before buying anything; like how much you need a particular thing and how often do you use it.  Is it really something you can’t do without? It makes you give a deeper thought on your needs and wants and thereby enable you to eliminate the want for any unnecessary items that you don’t really need.

  1. Live in a right sized house

We are used to living in big houses that are much bigger than we actually need. One of the best ways to live sustainably is by living in tiny houses. In fact, tiny house living movement is one of the biggest movements of this modern era as more and more people are adopting this lifestyle. Tiny homes consume less energy and cuts down on the cost of lighting, furniture and other home décor items.  These homes are more cozy and accommodative and are sufficient to live in for the nuclear families.

  1. Build tiny house with green building techniques

 It is easy to build tiny houses with environment friendly items. Promote the use of solar energy by installing solar panels at your home or make use of windmills to power your house. These natural resources can be used without causing any harm to the environment. Build your home in materials like bricks, stones, or even the latest recycled plastic materials rather than wood. Hence, saving the valuable green patch of forests on the earth.

  1. Carpooling or ride a bike

It is time to reduce our carbon footprint on earth. Using one car per person is proving to be detrimental for the environment as it increases the pollution and it also wastes natural resources like petroleum, diesel and natural gas. If your office is nearby it is wise to ride a bike. It is not just good for environment but also for your good health. Carpooling is the best option that allows you to socialize with the people residing in your neighborhood while you save on the precious natural resources and reduce pollution at the same time.

  1. Grow your own vegetables

Urban farming is an upcoming concept that promotes growing of green vegetables in small quantity in your very own home backyard. It allows the people to grow and consume vegetables, and herbs that are grown at home in organic and natural way without harming the environment and land. For people living in apartments, it is best to grow the useful plants on the terrace. It is all about using the available space to the optimum. Remember minimalism approach…right!

  1. Try living a zero waste lifestyle

Quit using one-time-use plastic cutlery items like spoons, forks, knifes, disposable cups etc. Reuse the plastic bottles and avoid buying new plastic ones instead buy reusable bottles. Practice BYOJ meaning Bring Your Own Jars/Coffee Cups etc. Quit using plastic straws; replace them with washable and reusable straws. Use handkerchiefs instead of paper napkins. Make use of natural cleaners instead of using the cleaners with lots of chemicals. All the cleaners are loaded with lots of chemicals and its residue pollute to the land and air.

Hope this helps you in beginning with sustainable living! Happy living to you!

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Hiring a Property Inspector

When it comes to building inspection then it is recommended that you take it very seriously. Most of the people out there who are looking forward to buy a house plan it for years and they almost spend all of their savings on that one house. This is the reason why the house needs to perfect in every way. This is where you will need the assistance of a building inspector. Conducting thorough building inspections Orange is very important if you wish to buy the house of your dreams. There are many things about the house that a building inspector can tell you that you might not have known before.

Hiring a building inspector is necessary even when you are selling a house. It is recommended that you get your home inspected beforehand. If the inspector finds any problems then you can fix them and get a set a better and more appropriate price for your home. In the case that you are buying a house, if your inspector finds some problems then you will have the chance to negotiate the deal again and get the house for a slightly lower price. However, hiring a property inspector is not as easy as you think and there are a few tips that you should keep in mind. Below you will find some things that you should remember when you are hiring a building inspector.

Whenever you are hiring a building inspector, then make sure that you never go for someone who has been recommended by a real estate agency. It is the job of the real estate agency to make sure that they sell as many properties as they can. Therefore, they have their own building inspectors who do not do their jobs properly. The building inspections Orange that they conduct are heavily influenced by the agency and they will not tell you the major flaws of the building.

Always look for a building inspector who is certified and has a lot of experience in the field. Remember that properties are not inexpensive, instead they can be quite the opposite, and this is why you need to make sure that everything is alright. When it comes to property inspectors then you need to make sure that you don’t think about the money too much. Cheap property inspectors will not do their jobs properly. Plus, if you spend more on a decent property inspector then you will have a better chance of buying a good home.

These were somethings that you should know about building inspections Orange. It is very important that you take these inspections seriously and always take your own inspector to conduct a thorough inspection. Even if the seller says that they have inspected the home, it is your duty to get your own inspector too. Never leave the inspector alone because in that way you can ensure that they are doing their job properly. Just keep these tips in mind.

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What fireplace to choose? Wood Burning vs. Gas Fireplace Installation

One of the nicest places for evening relaxation and cozying up with your loved ones during the winter while the wind roars and the snow falls is in front of a fireplace. Whether you prefer installing traditional wood or stone burning fireplace or a more modern gas fireplace, be sure it will add warmth and character to your house.

Have a look at this review and compare the pros and cons of wood burning and gas fireplaces.

  • Atmosphere

Installing wood burning fireplaces with dancing yellow flames will bring a cozy, warm feel to your room. The crackling sounds, occasional firework-like sparks, the smell of the burning wood add a nostalgic traditional ambiance. It blends into the room.

Gas fireplaces are less aesthetically appealing than wood ones.

  • The smell and the smoke

Though wood burning produces a comforting smell, it can produce smoke as well that causes some health concerns bothering sensitive lungs.

Correct gas fireplace installation will not do any harm to your health.

  • The heat

Wood fireplace generates more heat, but a lot of it is lost up the chimney.

Gas fireplaces do not put out the same amount of heat as wood-burning, but are more energy-efficient.

  • Ventilation

Wood fireplace installation requires a chimney, which is more expensive to build and often necessitates structural changes to the ceilings, floors and roof of your home.

Instead of chimney, a gas fireplace requires a direct vent, which leads through the wall near the fireplace. Direct vents are easy and inexpensive to install.

  • Fireplace installation

Wood fireplaces are constructed with heavy masonry. The structural support of a foundation will be required.

A gas fireplace weighs 34 kilos, so it can sit on any floorsurface. You do not have to reinforce the structure of the home.

  • Maintenance and installation

Wood burning fireplaces require complicated installation. They need to be cleaned after the fire is out. Plus, fire code standards mandate that chimneys should be inspected yearly by a professional chimney sweep in order to prevent the buildup of creosote.

Natural gas fireplaces are based on newer heat-efficient technology. They have obvious maintenance and installation advantages over wood fireplaces. However, they require a gas line.

  • The price

Installing wood burning fireplace  requires more expenses. An average price of  wood burning fireplace installation can vary from $8,000 – $20,000, compared to  $3,500 – $7,500 of gas fireplace installation.

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Selling Your Home to A Home-Buying Company Can Offer Fast Cash and Easy Closing

The Real Estate market is often lucrative; however, it can also be complex. Many homeowners have difficulty selling, or perhaps have additional properties that are a liability to them, when they appear empty. There are many cities in the US that have unfortunate abandoned buildings that will sit until someone comes along that tears it down or ‘flips it’. The popularity of flipping real estate properties has been on the incline for several years, with the syndication of reality shows in home improvement. Contrarily, many Americans do not want the hassle of the construction involved in remodeling and refurbishing and would prefer to sell the property and move on.

What Are These Ads I Keep Seeing All About?

Many companies offer sight unseen purchasing, or post-appraisal bids. This is a viable option for distressed properties, homes that have no certificate of occupancy, or need structural repairs. Additionally, issues like plumbing, electrical, roof leaks, vandalism, and other damages can persuade a homeowner to quickly and easily sell to such companies.

Purchasers for Any Condition of Property

Utilizing a company that advertises the purchase of homes doesn’t have to be a decrepit home situation. The fact is, many people wish to move out of state, have a family emergency, or even want out from under the current mortgage and appreciate the opportunity to sell to a fair buyer for cash money. This comes without the hassle of advertising, promoting, showing, regulations and banks. This type of sale provides a certain sense of security to the seller, alleviating the potential stressors that accompany a home sale.

Abandoned Homes Impact Neighborhoods

Many former mining towns in California are burdened with properties that are boarded up and abandoned. This creates problems for neighbors, decreases property values, and shines like a beacon to would-be thieves. The current housing in Detroit is another example of neglected homes and properties, that could benefit from quick sale purchasers.

How It Works

They are simple. You contact the company you are planning on working with, such as “We Buy Houses” and give them your address. They contact you to set up an appointment to assess the property and offer a fair price for the home. You can choose to accept or decline the offer, that is up to you and your circumstances. If you choose to accept the offer, the company starts the paperwork and within a short amount of time your money is handed over to you and escrow closes. That, my friends, is simple. Finding a potential buyer doesn’t have to be a year-long endeavor, full of different hoops to jump through.

Selling Your Home Can Be Fast and Easy

Finding a buyer has never been easier since these purchasers have arisen, and the ability to receive a complete cash offer, with the paperwork completed by the buyer, the lack of bank involvement, and the ability to ‘walk away’ makes the escrow closing fast and easy. Many people opt for this type of home sale to avoid the headache associated with buying and selling a home.